Getting Involved in ICO Bounty Campaigns


There is a natural scope to earn through investment in ICOs. This is mostly the case when the market is doing well. This may not be everyone’s ideal method though. Some people love the blockchain and cryptocurrency movement but just are not cut out to be traders but still want to find ways to earn and learn through crypto. – One method of doing just that is by getting involved in project bounties.

Getting Started

Sometimes, like anything, getting started may seem tough. Actually, it couldn’t be easier. You can find lists of ICO bounty campaigns on forums or sites such as ICODrops. From here, you can find something you like the look of and head on over to their website to make contact or use the method of application required.

What Can You Provide

When you identify which projects you would like to be a part of, you then need to consider what skills you can bring to the table. What ICOs are most in need of is marketing. This means there will likely be bounties on many micro-tasks such as user registration and sharing of social media content. This is all very easy stuff, right the way up to Whitepaper translation into a variety of languages. Whichever things you commit to doing, just be sure that you have the ability to actually do them. This will enhance your reputation among the community as being a reliable person.

Getting Paid

Bounty campaigns are rewarded through provision of the platforms tokens. In order to receive these rewards, you will require a wallet which is compliant to receiving those tokens. Services such as MyEtherWallet are usually a good option in these cases.


ICO bounty programs are easy to get involved in once you get started and they can lead to a decent secondary income. They will also further your knowledge greatly in the crypto world and provide you with diverse interests through your token earning endeavors.