Best Cryptocurrency To Invest In 2019

Anyone living in the 21st century is well aware of the cryptocurrency craze. Its decentralized nature and ‘cool’ vibe make in the favorite of millennials and geeks who are looking to make quick money online. Moreover, anyone with decent coding skills can make their own cryptocurrency too. Amidst all the varieties available, it can be hard to decide the best cryptocurrency to invest in. The first step is, of course, to gain a basic understanding of how to invest in cryptocurrency. For the express purpose of choosing the right cryptocurrency, here is a quick guide to the best cryptocurrencies to invest in now to help you make an informed choice.

  • Ripple

This coin has always been one of the best coins to invest in since 2013. It grew by a staggering 39000% in 2017 and is still going strong. One of the key reasons Ripple is projected to be among the best cryptocurrency to invest in for 2019 is the influx of institutional money indicating that investors deem it safe enough to put their money in.

  • Bitcoin

The first cryptocurrency ever created Bitcoin remains among the best cryptocurrencies to invest in and a favorite among new investors looking to start trading in cryptocurrency owing to its widespread acceptance. However, its value has been declining of late as new currencies have come along in the market.

  • Stellar

If we had to pick one best new cryptocurrency to invest in, this would be it. With multiple companies including IBM in partnership with the stellar project, it is rapidly gaining credence as a means of enabling cross-border payments. It has been performing consistently throughout 2018 and may soon be listed on Coinbase, one of the most respected cryptocurrency exchanges.

  • Ethereum

This is another stalwart cryptocurrency that has witnessed some fluctuations but is still among the best options to invest in for 2019. It is not merely a coin but an advanced blockchain technology in its own right and other cryptocurrency projects can be launched on its platform as well.



How To Read Cryptocurrency Charts?

Few things have captured the interest of the 21st-century investor as much as cryptocurrency. This decentralized digital currency has witnessed a massive surge in popularity over the last decade, and the trend is not about to die out anytime soon despite the existence of several myths about the blockchain technology on which cryptocurrency is built. For the new trader, understanding and capitalizing on the cryptocurrency market can be difficult. So if you are wondering how to read cryptocurrency charts, here’s our quick-and-easy guide on how to understand cryptocurrency charts and track the market.

Line chart

This is the simplest way in which price information is depicted, and one of the best trading charts for cryptocurrency. This is useful for giving a quick overview of the price history of any cryptocurrency. It is drawn using the closing prices of the cryptocurrency at each point in time. Reading this chart is no different from reading any kind of price chart and you can make predictions in the same way as you would for the foreign exchange or stock markets.

Candlestick charts

One of the most common cryptocurrency charts is the candlestick chart, which uses red and green ‘candles’ to show the state of the market. This is the type of chart used on cryptocurrency exchange sites such as Binance or Coinbase, which have the best live cryptocurrency charts. You can analyze the chart by time frame, which you can select yourself. Red candlesticks indicate a price drop and increased selling pressure, while green candlesticks indicate a price rise and increased buying pressure. In addition, the ‘wicks’ at either end of the candle indicate price extremes. The bottom wick indicates the lowest price during that particular period, while the top wick indicates the highest price during the same. It is worth your while to invest some time in understanding how to read candlestick charts for cryptocurrency.

Cryptocurrency technical analysis charts

If you are looking for handy crypto technical analysis charts, there are several online platforms that provide users with technical analysis. Cryptowatch provides traders with comprehensive charts and information on how a particular cryptocurrency is performing. Coinigy is another such service – a paid one, but one that allows traders access to more in-depth analysis tools. Perhaps the most popular tool is TradingView, where users can start off with a free plan and upgrade to a paid one for access to new and advanced features.